One wallet realizes multiple chains

Safe storage of digital assets

Easily complete value transfer



Easily manage multi-chain assets

Contains mainstream assets on the chain such as BTC, ETH, TRX, FIL, etc

Support USDT and other stable digital assets


Exploring the world of blockchain starts with DAPP

Decentralized App is a decentralized application based on smart contracts

Open DAPP browser, enter DAPP URL to experience any DAPP



1-Create a new wallet/p>

Click "Settings" → "Manage Wallet" → "Add Wallet", select the wallet type, and create a wallet

Steps to create a wallet

Set wallet name, wallet password, password prompt information (optional)

Follow the prompts to back up the wallet mnemonics (do not take screenshots)

Confirm backup

Verification mnemonic

Created successfully

2-Important tips for backing up mnemonic words:Owning the mnemonic phrase is equivalent to having all the rights to use the wallet

Be sure to back up the mnemonic phrase and keep the mnemonic phrase properly

Once the mnemonic phrase is lost, no one can retrieve it. Don’t tell anyone the mnemonic phrase to avoid irreparable loss. The mnemonic phrase should be backed up with physical media as much as possible, such as copying it on paper with a pen or using fire and water proofing. Anti-corrosion "mnemonic secret box", etc., screenshots or photographs are prohibited to prevent leakage

Steps to backup mnemonic words:

Transcribe exactly 12 words in the order of display, with spaces between the words displayed. Ensure that words are copied correctly and sorted accurately The backup of the mnemonic phrase is completed

3-How to import an existing wallet

Click Settings "Manage Wallet" → "Add Wallet" Select the wallet type and import the wallet

1.Keystore import:

1.1 Copy and paste the contents of the official wallet Keystore file into the input box, or enter the QR code generated by scanning the contents of the Keystore

1.2 After entering the wallet password, start importing

2. Mnemonic words import

2.1 While importing mnemonic words, you can modify the wallet password at the same time

2.2 Enter the mnemonic word in the input box, and use spaces to separate the words

2.3 Set a new wallet password and confirm the password

2.4 Set the password prompt information (optional) and start importing

3. Import the private key

3.1 Enter the contents of the Private Key file into the input box. Or enter the QR code generated by scanning the contents of the Private Key, please pay attention to the character case

3.2 Enter the wallet password and confirm the wallet password

3.3 Set the password prompt information (optional) and start importing